WWE RAW Results (1/29/18): Royal Rumble Fallout

WWE RAW Results 1 29 18
Photo: WWE

It’s the RAW after the Royal Rumble, and the Road To WrestleMania officially begins. So, let’s see what WWE had in store for us tonight, shall we??

Well, first off, we got new music, new graphics, what appear to be a new logo, and a new commentator in the returning Jonathan Coachman. And, Stephanie McMahon kicks off the show and brings out Asuka, announces the first all Women’s Elimination Chamber match, and tells Asuka she may want to wait to make her challenge choice since Alexa Bliss will be defending her title at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Asuka says that at WrestleMania, she will become champion. Cue Sasha Banks’ music; Asuka doesn’t look impressed. Sasha congratulates Asuka, then says she’s ready for Asuka tonight. I am guessing that’s a challenge, and Stephanie makes the match official for tonight.

A series of qualifying matches for the Men’s Elimination Chamber match are announced and the first is a Last Man Standing match between Kane and Braun Strowman. I am sick of Kane. Hopefully the chairs that Braun starts immediately throwing around will knock him the hell out rather quickly. Tables, chairs, kendo sticks. They just tried to kill each other. Braun dumps the announce stage, not just the table, over on Kane and wins the match, advancing to the Elimination Chamber match. Hopefully, this was a way to write Kane off television for a long while.

WWE RAW Results 1 29 18
Photo: WWE

Elias is out for the next Elimination Chamber Qualifying match against Matt Hardy, but of course, gave us a lovely concert first. I sat on my couch, waving a lighter back and forth. Woken Matt just doesn’t click like Broken Matt. This wasn’t a great match or a bad match. It was pretty decent, but why either of these guys would be in the Elimination Chamber is beyond me. Elias wins after Bray Wyatt’s music plays briefly to distract Hardy.

The Intercontinental Title match was up next with The Miz defending against Roman Reigns. I really didn’t want Roman to win. Not a fan, not gonna be a fan. I want Miz to retain and keep that title for a long time until he can feud with someone “worthy”…like Finn Bálor. Seemed like the crowd loved The Miz and then booed Roman out of the building; not unexpected at all. Roman beat the hell out of the Miz, chased the Miztourage out of the ringside area with a chair, and damn near walloped Miz with the same chair. Miz regained some control, then it turned into a slug fest. Miz got him in the Figure Four, but Roman reversed it and Miz made it to the ropes. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale, but Roman kicked out. The Miztourage returned, Roman took them out again, but it gave Miz the opportunity to roll up Roman for the pin and the win, retaining the title. As much as I dislike Reigns, this was a pretty damn good match.

WWE RAW Results 1 29 18
Photo: WWE

The Revival squared off with Heath Slater and Rhyno. I love The Revival. They are just an old school tag team, professional wrestlers not sports entertainers. We need more of that these days. Short match, but good for what it was. The Revival got the win with the Shatter Machine, and that’s all that matters.

Sasha Banks and Asuka were up next, and Sasha was determined to make history and become the first woman to defeat Asuka. Asuka just beat the hell out of Sasha in the beginning of the match, not allowing Banks any offense. Sasha finally came back and took control but only for a few minutes. The two women traded offense, and heel Sasha was out in force. She got Asuka in the Banks Statement twice, but Asuka was able to escape both times. Sasha took a nasty spill out of the ring, and Asuka just went striker crazy on her. Then Asuka took a nasty spill out of the ring, with Sasha coming off the apron with the double knees. These two just beat on each other in a great match. Sasha got her in the Banks Statement, but Asuka reversed it into the Asuka lock for the win. One hell of a damn match.

WWE RAW Results 1 29 18
Photo: WWE

The RAW Tag Team Titles were on the line when The Bar took on Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews. Can I just say I couldn’t care less about this match? I honestly tuned out during this one; it was filler for me. The crowd was silent, so they didn’t really care about the match, either. Sheamus got the pin on Cesaro for the win.

They recapped Ronda Rousey showing up at the end of last night’s Royal Rumble.

The main event was another Elimination Chamber qualifying match with Finn Bálor taking on John Cena. I really wanted to see NJPW’s heel version of Prince Devitt come out and play tonight, going all Bullet Club on Cena with Anderson and Gallows (who came out with Finn during his entrance). Finn didn’t stop smiling during the entire match, which was slightly creepy. Also, the jackasses in the crowd playing with a damn beachball during the match should have been shot; totally ridiculous.

After Finn had control over the beginning of the match, Cena took control and just began ragdolling Bálor around the ring. The fans booed Cena out of the building. A little Prince Devitt came out when he did Cena’s “You Can’t See Me” in Cena’s face. Cena hit the AA, Finn kicked out. Finn went for the Coup de Grace, missed, and Cena locked him in the STF. Finn made it to the ropes to break the hold, climbed to the top, but Cena hit an AA from the second rope and got the win. Personally, I am pissed off because Cena didn’t need that win. WWE screwed that one up in my opinion.

WWE RAW Results

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Braun Strowman defeats Kane in a Last Man Standing Match.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Elias defeated Matt Hardy.

Intercontinental Title Match: The Miz defeated Roman Reigns.

The Revival defeated Heath Slater and Rhyno.

Asuka defeated Sasha Banks via submission.

The Bar defeated Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews to retain the RAW Tag Team Titles.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: John Cena defeated Finn Bálor.