WWE RAW Results (2/5/18): The Road To The Elimination Chamber

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Photo: TRP

Raw kicked off with dueling promos between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt as they are scheduled to face each other in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match.

The match was back and forth action, seeing Roman Reigns use his power to match Wyatt, using sneaky tactics and psychology to try and mess with Reigns. The ending had a series of false finishes, seeing Wyatt hit Reigns with Sister Abigail for a close finish. Wyatt set up for a second finisher, only to be blocked, and reversed into a spear, leading to a victory for Reigns. After the match ended, “Woken” Matt Hardy appeared in the ring behind Wyatt, delivering a Twist of Fate and leading a “delete” chant.

Next we had a backstage segment featuring Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins. Seth reminds him that this is the last time they have a shot at the tag titles as Jordan reassures that he was feeling 100% and that he was cleared by medical personnel to compete.  Looks like we will see whether that holds up.

We find out in addition to the Raw Tag Team Championship match, we will get Cena vs Strowman vs Elias, with the winner getting the last entry into the Elimination Chamber match. Before the next match we see an ad for the Mixed Match Challenge pitting Goldust and Mandy Rose vs Naomi and Jimmy Uso.

Next up we have Finn Balor versus Dash Wilder. Finn came accompanied to the ring by Balor Club, Gallows and Anderson. Prior to the match, The Revival came prepared with a mic to remind The Balor Club that The Revival were tag team specialist, and changed this to a tag team match. Finn Balor picked Karl Anderson and it was officially changed to a tag team bout. The finish came when Wilder was dispatched to the outside by Anderson, leaving Balor and Dawson alone in the ring. Balor gave Dawson the slingblade and the dropkick in the corner to set up for the Coup de Grâce. Balor pinned Dawson for the victory.

We get the announcement that Kurt Angle is going to reveal the competitors for the women’s Elimination Chamber match along with champion Alexa Bliss.

It moves to the backstage area now with Sasha Banks watching her loss to Asuka from last week on video. Bayley is sitting next to her, reminding her not to be so hard on herself. Banks wants to be hard on herself to remind everyone that she is The Boss of WWE. Bayley is looking for tips on how to beat Asuka since she has a match with her tonight, but Banks tells her that she would rather keep tips to herself. This interaction is a potential setup for a feud at a later point between Banks and Bayley.

Next up we have Drake Maverick, the new 205 Live General Manager sitting at the commentary table with Cole, Coachman and Graves, spectating the cruiserweight match between Mustafa Ali teaming with Cedric Alexander to face Tony Nese and Drew Gulak. In a relatively short match, the finish came when Alexander got a surprise tag into the match to give Gulak the Lumbar Check, and scoring the victory for his team.

Next out is General Manager Kurt Angle and he announces the participants in the women’s Elimination Chamber match: Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss will defend against Bayley, Mandy Rose, Mickie James, Sonya Deville and Sasha Banks. Nia Jax is also announced to face Asuka at the Elimination Chamber. If Nia Jax wins her match, she will be added to the Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania. Bliss came to the ring, claiming that Angle was sexist, giving preferential treatment to men, specifically Brock Lesnar. She said it was unfair that Brock Lesnar gets to sit at home and watch Elimination Chamber while she had to defend her title in the chamber before WrestleMania. Kurt Angle retorted by saying Lesnar defended at the Royal Rumble, while Bliss last defended at TLC in October. Kurt Angle said he would make it fair and ask the audience if they wanted Bliss to defend the title at Elimination Chamber, leading to a “Yes!” chant as Bliss departed.

Next was a mini promo in the selfie-style by John Cena, saying he will punch his ticket as the last entrant in the Elimination Chamber by defeating Strowman and Elias. Announced is another qualifying match between Apollo Crews and The Miz and Bayley vs Asuka is announced as the next match. When they returned from break, they aired a Black History Month segment.

Asuka and Bayley is next and they had a hard-hitting match with lots of strikes and technical holds. A very close near-fall occurred when Asuka attempted to put the Asuka Lock on Bayley, to which Bayley countered with Asuka’s shoulders on the mat. The finish came immediately after though when Asuka locked in an arm bar to which Bayley tapped out. In a display of sportsmanship, Asuka and Bayley shook hands.

Next up is another selfie-style promo from The Bar saying they are going to finally get rid of Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan with their victory tonight. An ad for WWE Network airs, as well as a “Did You Know?” graphic. Next is the match between The Miz and Apollo Crews for a qualifying spot in the Elimination Chamber. First out was The Miz and he cut a promo, saying the stars were aligning for him and that he was the reason for Raw’s high ratings. He went on to say that he will go on to win this match, win the Elimination Chamber match and earn the right to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. He says his daughter will be born just in time to see the first-ever Intercontinental and Universal Champion, The Miz.

Next was Apollo Crews coming out with Dana Brooke and Titus O’Neil. Apollo Crews actually dominated a large portion of the match, using his power and agility to throw Miz off. The ending sequence started with Miz kicking Crews in the knee cap, and going for a Skull-Crushing Finale. Crews countered into a roll-up, but only got a two-count. A series of Irish Whips sent Apollo Crews in the air to counter hitting the turnbuckle, Miz flinging Crews sideways and Crews straddling the top rope crotch-first. Miz hits the Skull-Crushing Finale and got the victory.

Next we have an odd segment, as Jason Jordan, Kurt Angle and Seth Rollins are backstage. Jordan tells Seth that he was not feeling fine now after previously being cleared. Jordan says during warm-ups he didn’t feel right about his neck and that he was pulling out of the match. Angle tells Seth that Jordan is telling the truth and that he sees no other option other than to forfeit the match. Seth is upset as the match is next, but Roman Reigns walks in and gets the nod from Kurt Angle to replace Jordan.

Upon return it is the The Bar going against, I suppose, The Shield for the Raw Tag Team Championship. The match featured a lot of domination in favor of The Bar, double teaming Reigns whenever Sheamus and Cesaro could with frequent tags and knocking Rollins so Reigns was unable to tag. The match took a turn when, after Reigns hit a Superman Punch on Sheamus, Jason Jordan came down to the ring to check on Rollins who had been knocked off the ring apron. Rollins gets helped to his feet by Jordan and gets the tag, to which Rollins started hitting both Sheamus and Cesaro. The match moves forward and Jordan got involved again, tripping Cesaro when he ran the ropes. The referee chastises Jordan for getting involved and Reigns tells Jordan to leave. Jordan takes himself halfway up the entrance ramp, seemingly to leave. The finish came when Rollins and Reigns went to attempt a Shield Powerbomb, but Cesaro pulled Sheamus out of the ring. Cesaro and Sheamus attempt to take the titles and leave, but are confronted by Jason Jordan. Jordan punches The Bar and the match is called a disqualification, with Sheamus and Cesaro leaving as champions. Reigns and Rollins are livid and go off on Jordan verbally.

Next we get a replay of Braun Strowman annihilating Kane last week and advancing into the Elimination Chamber match. Braun cut a promo, telling Cena and Elias that they were going to ‘get these hands.’ After the break, we came back to Rollins still verbally laying into Jordan. Seth leaves and Kurt Angle kicks Jordan out of the arena, telling him to go home until he is medically cleared.

Nia Jax is out next and we get a promo displaying her dominance. Someone named Vanessa Floyd is in the ring and she is Nia’s opponent tonight. Nia won in about a minute after giving her a running leg drop.

Nia Jax cut a promo after the match in the ring, telling Asuka that she is the only woman Asuka can’t beat and that doesn’t fear her, and that she will be remembered as the ‘Empress of Yesterday’ after the Elimination Chamber. Next out was Sonya Deville (with the rest of Absolution) to face off against Mickie James. In a match that lasted only a few minutes, Mickie got a roll-up and covered Deville, getting the victory.

After the match, Deville and the rest of Absolution jumped into the ring and started attacking Mickie. Alexa Bliss came out during the beat down, pulling Mickie out of harms way and helping her up the ramp to much confusion.

Shown backstage is Elias tuning his guitar as the main event is announced for next. Upon return it appears backstage plans have changed regarding the Elimination Chamber as previously reported as a “Second Chance” fatal four-way match is announced for next week, seeing the previous four eliminated from contention getting another chance. It will be Finn Balor vs Apollo Crews vs Bray Wyatt vs Matt Hardy next week. Next was Elias out with his guitar, singing a song about Cena and Strowman.

Elias is interrupted by Cena’s entrance, followed by Strowman. Strowman dominated a large part of the early match before Elias and Cena teamed together to try and take Strowman out of the equation. After laying Strowman out with steel steps, Elias and Cena went after it in the ring with Cena getting the advantage until Strowman suddenly came back to the ring. Strowman delivered a running powerslam to Cena and attempted one on Elias until he countered, pushing Strowman outside. Realizing Cena was still out, Elias covered him for the pin and Elias will be the last one inside the Elimination Chamber. After the match, Strowman got a measure of revenge, delivering several powerslams to both Elias and Cena as Raw went off the air.

WWE Raw Results:

  • Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt in a Elimination Chamber qualifying match.
  • Balor Club (Finn Balor and Karl Anderson) defeated The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder)
  • Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali defeated Tony Nese and Drew Gulak
  • Asuka defeated Bayley
  • The Miz defeated Apollo Crews in a Elimination Chamber qualifying match
  • The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) defeated The Shield (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) via disqualification to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship
  • Nia Jax defeated Vanessa Floyd
  • Mickie James defeated Sonya Deville
  • Elias defeated John Cena and Braun Strowman to earn the final entry into the Elimination Chamber match