WWE RAW Results (2/12/18): Second Chance for the Elimination Chamber


Photo: WWE

Raw kicked off with John Cena and the mixed reactions he gets. He makes his way to the ring to say that he knows the importance of WrestleMania, which is why he is going to win the Elimination Chamber and then go on to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania for the Universal Championship. Cena was interrupted by The Miz and Miztourage as they made their way down to the ring. Miz tells Cena this isn’t 2013, it’s 2018, the year of The Miz. He tells Cena is the founding father of Suplex City and that he is going to win the Elimination Chamber to become the first Universal and Intercontinental Champion. Cena tells Miz he would have no chance against Lesnar unless he didn’t show up. Miz says he’s wrong, because he would use his brain to beat Lesnar and do whatever it takes. Cena says that Miz talks too much and challenges Miz to a match where the loser enters the Elimination Chamber first. Miz retorts, asking if Cena thought he was stupid, to which Axel and Dallas attacked Cena. While Cena was down, he accepted the challenge and asked for a referee to come down and start the match.

Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring instead and makes it official, kicking Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel out from ringside.

As the Miztourage exits, Miz quickly attempts a cover on Cena, but he kicks out. Miz swears it was three and wants the bell, but doesn’t get it. Miz starts hammering Cena and only gets a two-count again. Miz stayed in control of a majority of the mid-match. Towards the end, a figure-four by the Miz was reversed into an STF, forcing Miz to grab the ropes and break. Miz slid out of the ring and pulled Cena’s head down on the top rope. Miz attempted a cross-body but Cena rolled through and went for an Attitude Adjustment, but was reversed into a DDT by Miz to a near-fall. Miz clotheslined Cena in the corner and when he goes for a second, Cena reversed into an Attitude Adjustment, but only gets a two-count. Later, Miz attempts another figure-four leg lock and Cena again reverses into a crossface before Miz breaks it. Cena charged at Miz in the corner, only to hit the turnbuckle, to which Miz hits the Skull-Crushing Finale. Miz only gets a two-count to his surprise. Miz propped Cena up on the corner at this point, attempting to give him a Skull-Crushing Finale from the top rope. Cena reverses him into an Attitude Adjustment from the top rope and gets the win. With that loss, The Miz will enter the Elimination Chamber first.

Announced for tonight is Sasha Banks vs Bayley as well as the Second Chance fatal four-way match between Wyatt, Hardy, Crews and Balor. Next we get a “Woken” Matt Hardy promo, telling us that he is going to win and turn the Elimination Chamber into the Deletion Chamber.

After the break, we get a promo from Gallows and Anderson, calling The Revival nerds.

Gallows and Anderson make their way to the ring, but are surprise attacked from behind by The Revival before the match can begin. Things settle down and the match begins with The Revival taking control over Gallows, who got a chop block in the pre-match attack. The ending began with Gallows pulling Scott Dawson out of the ring, but getting his head driven into the steel steps. With Anderson distracted by the action, Wilder attempted a quick roll-up, but only got two. Anderson gets a spinebuster on Wilder to a near-fall. After a surprise tag to Dawson, The Revival get the pin after hitting Anderson with the Shatter Machine.

Next, the commentators re-cap the story between Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins last week for Kurt Angle’s update, which is next. After the break, Angle is out in the ring to tell us that Ronda Rousey will sign her Monday Night Raw contract at the Elimination Chamber. He also has mixed emotions because Jason Jordan was forced to have neck surgery and is forced to miss WrestleMania. Angle tells the audience that they should be ashamed for cheering Jordan’s injury. Seth Rollins interrupts Angle and makes his way out. Rollins says he’s sorry about Jordan and says he knows how it feels. Rollins says he’s out there for the same reason, because he doesn’t even have a match at Elimination Chamber. Angle says he can find Rollins another tag partner, but Rollins wants Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship at WrestleMania. Rollins suggests changing it from a fatal four-way to a fatal five-way match tonight. Angle says he’ll leave it up to the fans to decide whether he can be a part of the Elimination Chamber match and they chant “Yes!” The fatal four-way officially changed to a fatal five-way: Wyatt vs Hardy vs Rollins vs Crews vs Balor.

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo next, saying that he will be the one to slay the beast, Brock Lesnar.

Next is the match between Sasha Banks and Bayley, and first out is Sasha before the commercial break. Before the match went underway, a segment for Black History month aired.

Bayley comes out next and the match is underway. There are lots of back and forth spots, with each taking control at some point in the match. The ending sequence began with Bayley receiving a jawbreaker, to which she gave Sasha a huge knee strike to the face. Bayley went to the top rope and attempted a diving elbow drop, but missed, setting up Sasha for the Bank Statement. Bayley struggled in the center of the ring for a long time, but eventually grabbed onto the ropes and sending Sasha face first into the middle turnbuckle. Sasha pulls herself up the ropes, sitting on the top turnbuckle, but eats a forearm from Bayley. Bayley attempted a superplex but Sasha countered, throwing her off the ropes and into the ring. Sasha attempts to recover, but Bayley makes her way back up, delivering a super Bayley-to-Belly off the ropes and gets the win.

After the match was over, Sasha and Bayley give eachother a stare-down, leaving the crowd unsure if they are still friends or not, until Nia Jax comes out and delivers a Samoan Drop to both of them.

Up the ramp, Nia Jax is interviewed, asking why she interjected herself in something not involving her. Jax says it has everything to do with her, since Bayley and Sasha brought Asuka to the limit and she destroyed them in seconds. She says she is going to end Asuka’s undefeated streak at Elimination Chamber.

Next we get a run down Elimination Chamber match-ups, including the participants in the first ever women’s Elimination Chamber match, the current field in the men’s Chamber match, and Asuka vs Nia Jax. Backstage, we see Roman Reigns confronting Seth Rollins about getting himself into the fatal four-way until The Bar shows up. The Bar mocks Rollins about his former tag partners until Reigns makes them back up. It will be Roman Reigns vs Sheamus tonight.

Next we get a replay of Nia Jax destroying Sasha and Bayley and a package showing Asuka’s undefeated streak by the numbers:

Backstage, we have Titus Worldwide and Apollo Crews in an interview segment about tonight’s fatal five-way.

Next we have Mickie James and Alexa Bliss backstage. Mickie James confronts Alexa on why she helped her last week and why they are teaming tonight. Alexa says she’s tired of seeing newbies acting like they run Raw and says she’s sorry about what happened in the past. She also says she’s jealous of how she’s able to be a superstar and a mother. Mickie doesn’t buy it and Alexa says they need to team up, otherwise Absolution will just play keep-away with the championship. Mickie says that they will be partners tonight, but come Elimination Chamber she is coming for the title.

Next is Absolution (with Paige) out to the ring for their match with Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. The match saw some decent chemistry between James and Bliss. There were frequent tags and they mostly dominated the entire length of the match. The match was short-lived though and the ending came when Sonya Deville pulled Alexa Bliss off the ring apron, not allowing her to get back into the match. Mickie was distracted by this which set up Mandy Rose to hit her finisher for the win. After the match, Absolution attacked Mickie James and Alexa Bliss stepped in once again, saving her from the beat down.

Next we see Elias walking backstage, coming out next. When we come back from break Elias is in the ring, singing his new song “Elimination Chamber Blues,” a song about how he is going to beat those who have already qualified for the match. During his song, he is interrupted by Braun Strowman, who is on the stage with an enormous bass, strumming it like a guitar but breaks it immediately. Strowman hilariously begins singing about Elias and how he isn’t going to win. He says he can’t play it anyways, so there’s only one thing left to do, so he grabs the bass and starts walking to the ring with it. Elias tells Strowman they can settle this, and to put the bass down, and he’ll put his guitar down. They both drop their instruments and Strowman enters the ring to Elias jumping him. Elias goes for the guitar, but Strowman catches him, delivering a beat down to Elias and giving him a powerslam. Elias slowly crawled his way up the entrance ramp but Strowman wasn’t finished with him, grabbing the bass and smashing it over Elias’ back.

Next up was a quick promo by Balor saying he was going to defeat his opponents in the fatal five-way. Back in the ring, The Bar make their entrance as Sheamus is set to take on Roman Reigns. As you would expect, Roman Reigns was subject to heel tactics by The Bar, with Cesaro interfering in the match and Sheamus staying in control throughout. The ending series of the match started with Reigns attempting a Superman Punch, which was countered mid-air into White Noise by Sheamus but it only got a two-count. Sheamus pumped himself up and went for a Brogue Kick, but was countered into a Superman Punch and a near-fall. Reigns attempted a spear next but was kicked in the face. Sheamus went for some kind of hurricanrana-type move, but Reigns countered him into a powerbomb and another near-fall. After recovering, Reigns was in the corner, setting up for a spear, but Cesaro interfered again and allowed Sheamus to get a close near-fall on a roll-up. A vicious knee strike from Sheamus almost got the pin as well. Outside the ring, Reigns dumped Cesaro into the audience and failed at a Drive-by kick getting clotheslined by Sheamus sending the action back into the ring. Sheamus got on the top rope to attempt some kind of dive, but Reigns caught him with the spear and got the victory.

Next we get the announcement of Ivory into the WWE Hall of Fame and get a video package of her accomplishments:

Next is the main event fatal five-way match to determine the last spot in the Elimination Chamber. The match featured several spots for each superstar and your typical mass chaos that occurs in fatal four or five way matches with pin opportunities broken up constantly. Near the end of the match, we saw Apollo Crews give Rollins a flying kick and a standing moonsault which was good for two. With Rollins on his back, Crews attempted to climb the rope, only to be stopped by Matt Hardy who is trying to a top rope Side Effect maneuver. Bray Wyatt pulls Hardy down and delivers a Sister Abigail finisher on the outside. Wyatt got into the ring and started setting up Crews for a top rope suplex, but we get the “Tower of Doom” spot with Balor and Rollins grabbing Wyatt’s legs as he suplexs Crews from the top rope. Balor and Rollins get a simultaneous pin on Wyatt and Raw went off the air without mention of who is going to the Elimination Chamber.

WWE Raw Results:

  • John Cena defeated The Miz to determine who would enter the Elimination Chamber first
  • The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) defeated Balor Club (Gallows and Anderson)
  • Bayley defeated Sasha Banks
  • Absolution (Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose) defeated Alexa Bliss and Mickie James
  • Roman Reigns defeated Sheamus
  • Seth Rollins and Finn Balor simultaneously defeated Bray Wyatt, Matt Hardy and Apollo Crews to determine the last entry spot in the Elimination Chamber