FantasticaMania 2018 Results (1/19/18): The Tour Hits Korakuen Hall

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Photo: NJPW

The FantasticaMania 2018 CMLL/NJPW tour hit Tokyo and Korakuen Hall today as the tour continued in Japan. Each year, the two promotions team up with the biggest and brightest stars from each promotion touring both Mexico and Japan. Today’s show’s main event featured Niebra Roja defending his CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship against challenger Gran Guerrero. Plus, the show kicked off with Fuego, and anything with Fuego is a hoot.

FantasticaMania 2018 Results

Okumura defeated Fuego.

They muted Fuego’s music, which is like 90% of the best part of his shtick. We just got to see him dance around in silence, dammit. Mima Shimoda (his wife) came out with him, and she was bound to get slammed; it’s tradition every FantasticaMania.

Weird sequence when Okumura ended up slapping Mima, then hugging her; not a very good look for NJPW or CMLL. Decent enough match, sans the slap, with Okumura getting the win.

Black Cat Memorial Match
BUSHI, Hiromu Takahashi, Tetsuya Naito, & Rush defeated Hirai Kawato, Star Jr., Dragon Lee, & Satoshi Kojima.

I pretended that Rush, the slimy art thief, just wasn’t in this match. Tapla deserved so much better. Why Naito has to continuously go after Milano and beat on him baffles me. One day, Milano is going to forget he has a “career ending injury” and beat the bloody hell out of Naito…and it will be glorious. It almost happened this morning, but Naito struck back and Milano went back to commentating.

Crazy lucha match full of flips and flying and twists and turns and Hiromu and BUSHI being little shits. Star Jr. basically got unmasked and bloodied up in the process, taking most of the abuse in the bout. Plus, there was the continuing love story/drama between Dragon Lee and Hiromu. Good stuff. Kawato tried his best, landing his best shots on BUSHI and Naito, but he’s still a Young Lion so he had to eat the submission to BUSHI. After the match, Los Ingobernables beat the hell out of Cozy’s leg with a chair, bumped fists, and left….but not before Naito beat on Milano some more.

Drone, Volador Jr., Mistico, & Atlantis defeated Disturbio, Puma, Barbaro Cavernario, & Ultimo Guerrero.

Of course, Mistico and Ultimo Guerrero had to have their “Raise The Roof” contest that they have every time they are in the ring together. It’s getting old. Volador Jr. and Barbaro Cavernario had some good exchanges, including Cavernario doing his version of the worm. Volador Jr. was not appreciative and squashed him on the outside of the ring.

Fun match with everyone getting their big spots in, and Ultimo Guerrero once again getting the leg up on Mistico…and vice versa multiple times. Disturbio seemed to take perverse pleasure in scaring the referee, Puma and Atlantis enjoyed kicking the shit out of each other, and Cavernario had some spit thing going with Volador Jr. With everyone else diving out of the ring, it came down to Atlantis getting the submission win over Puma. After the match, Cavernario challenges Volador Jr. for his NWA Welterweight Championship on Sunday.

CMLL World Middleweight Championship
Cuatrero defeated Angel de Oro.

This was more of a mat-based, technical match than the flippy-dippy lucha stuff we saw earlier in the show. There were flips and dives, but these two kept it mostly ground and mat based. Cuatrero got a near submission with a crossface but the champion was able to make it to the ropes.

Good, solid match between these two with it looking like the champion hurt his knee on a flip off the top turnbuckle to the floor (he favored the knee for the rest of the match). That knee was his downfall with Cuatrero getting a hard fought victory and becoming the new CMLL World Middleweight Champion.

National Welterweight Championship
Soberano Jr. defeated Sanson.

Volador Jr. was out as Soberano Jr.’s second and Cavernario was out as Sanson’s second, so I was expecting these two to somehow get involved in this title match. Now, this was the flippy-dippy, fast-paced lucha match we’ve come to expect. These guys were in the air more than they were on the ground.

Really entertaining match, but I don’t see how these guys don’t kill themselves with some of these moves. Hell, I’m double jointed, and I can’t even contort my body like these guys can. These two kicked out of pretty much every finisher known to man until Soberano Jr. finally got the pin (I think out of sheer exhaustion).

CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship
Niebra Roja defeated Gran Guerrero.

Gran Guerrero came out trying to raise the roof too (of course, he was seconded by Ultimo Guerrero, so it was a group effort). And, of course, champion Roja came out seconded by Mistico; I swear, it’s like some weird, invisible cord links Ultimo Guerrero and Mistico so one can never go somewhere without the other right there with him. Roja took a hard powerbomb to the floor that seemed to knock him a bit loopy for a time, an Gran Guerrero took this time to raise the roof some more and just beat the hell out of the champion.

Roja finally managed to find his footing again, taking Guerrero out with a dive to the outside of the ring. Really good match with both of these men giving their all (and at times it felt like the never ending match). Just like the prior match, these two kicked out of everything the other threw at them; I am amazed they were even able to move towards the end. Roja’s offense proved too much for Gran Guerrero and he got the win, retaining his title in the process.