WWE NXT Results (6/7/17): Bobby Roode Returns, Hideo Itami Snaps

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This episode of NXT was booked right out of my dreams. It featured my favorite tag team, my favorite friendship, a GLORIOUS Bobby Roode promo, and Hideo Itami losing his shit and almost killing poor Oney Lorcan. NXT sure knows how to pack a punch in a one hour show. Let’s get to the recap!

Best Moment

Hideo Itami was not happy he lost to Bobby Roode at TakeOver Chicago. It’s tough to blame him, and I relate to wanting to destroy some inanimate objects when you’re frustrated. If you’ve just lost the biggest match of your NXT career, would you rather tear apart a locker room or talk to Kassius Ohno and Oney Lorcan? Hideo definitely wanted to do the former, but wasn’t allowed to, so instead he and Oney Lorcan just decided to hit each other for real tonight.

There are few people who wrestle a stiff NXT match better than Lorcan, and he really took a beating tonight. He gave as good as he got during a fun sequence towards the end of the match, but ultimately Hideo took advantage of a referee stoppage and GTS’d Lorcan into a different universe. While I don’t like wrestlers coming out to stop matches because one guy is beating the other guy too much, the announcers did a good job of explaining how dangerous the GTS is, and the damage it can do to someone when it happens three times in a row. Full Sail was having none of Itami tonight, so if they were trying to turn him heel they did it beautifully. I’m excited to see a refocused Itami against Ohno and his 1990’s Orlando Magic gear.

Side note: should Hideo and Lars Sullivan start a sore losers tag team? GTSullivan? I’ll tuck that idea away for a rainy day.

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