WWE SmackDown Results & Analysis (March 5, 2015): Ziggler/Ambrose Vs. Barrett/Harper

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

The Opening

Dolph Ziggler comes out wearing the stolen Intercontinental title. He tells the crowd that he never got a rematch after losing the title and the belt changed his life last year. He enters himself into the ladder match at Wrestlemania. He was getting ready to introduce Daniel Bryan but Bad News Barrett interjects.

Barrett demands that the title is returned to him but before the fight starts Luke Harper attacks Dolph then prevents Barrett from taking the title back. A two on one attack ensues before Dean Ambrose jumps in to clear the ring. A four way battle reignites while R Truth sneaks his way ring side and hides behind the ring post then the ring steps.

R Truth low crawls into the ring snatches the title then scurries under the ring with it. He crawls out the other side of the ring then jogs off and up the ramp.

four starsThis segment was hilarious. Yes, it’s kind of goofy but I loved it. Looney Tunes R Truth just makes everything that much better. This probably one of the best openings SmackDown has had in a while.


The Matches

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs Los Matadores

Cesaro and Kidd are able to stage off some early tag team work by Los Matadores. Tyson runs in only to be dumped over the top rope. Cesaro tries to take the win with a roll up pin with his feet on the ropes but the El Torrito calls the ref’s attention. Cesaro drags him into the rings but El Torrito escapes his grasp and loads up to charge but Natalya grabs his leg from the bottom rope. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd hit their finisher and sneak away with the win.

Winner – Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

three starsGreat showing of tag team execution by all by all five participants if you include Natalya. While the match was short they packed it with plenty of spots and double teams. 

Ryback vs Kane

Kane gets the early edge, stomping Ryback on the mat followed by some big heavy punches. “You sold out!” changes fill the arena just as Ryback is able to hit a neck breaker then a belly to belly suplex. He climbs the ropes and delivers a splash followed by a spine buster. Just as he collects some major momentum the Big Show distracts both Kane and Ryback. Ryback collects himself first and nails Kane with the Meat Hook clothesline for the win.

Winner – Ryback

two starsI was happy it was a short match. While the Big Show and Kane tension does add something to the match, these two styles together in a match is terrible. 

Ryback vs Big Show

Big Show pummels Ryback in the corner then delivers a huge clothesline. Easily picks up Ryback and body slams him twice. Ryback sidesteps Big Show as he rushes in, evades a big fist, then takes Big Show down with a spine buster. A two on one ensues before Big Show knocks out Ryback with the Knock Out Punch for the win.

Winner – Big Show

two starsMildly entertaining. I guess you know what fans love more than one Ryback match? Two Ryback matches back to back. The only thing that I enjoyed was the tension between Ryback and Big Show. 

AJ Lee vs Brie Bella

Brie pummels AJ in the corner before AJ escapes and arm drags Brie to the mat. A slow deliberate pace between the two initially. Brie lands a a drop kick off the top rope for a close three count. Aj takes a big clothesline but is able to kick out again. Brie executes a devastating running drop kick to a prone AJ Lee, then bashes her head into the turnbuckle. Brie dominates most of the match becoming cocky, after delivering a DDT she screams over at Paige instead of going for the cover.

Several near falls later AJ sidesteps a big splash attempt by Brie. AJ hits a big splash in the corner then a neck breaker before drop kicking Brie out of the ring. Brie swings wildly for a clothesline but gets reversed and pulled into the Black Widow for the submission win.

Winner – AJ Lee

three stars#GiveDivasAChance looks like it’s gaining grown as this match was much longer than we have had in previous weeks. The technical aspects of the match need to improve. There are many spots where they look sloppy, but overall a good match. The women’s division may have some promise to it after all.

The New Day vs The Miz & Damien Mizdow

Kofi Kingston and The Miz start out the match with some quick hits to the rope. Miz catches Kofi with a hard DDT before Mizdow gets tagged in. Shades and all he’s a house of fire. Delivering a few clotheslines then a neck breaker. The Miz sneaks a tag back in before calling Mizdow a “stupid idiot” and orders him to the floor. After turnign around New Day hit their finisher for the win, while Mizdow looks on.

three starsPretty good match, I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not a fan of New Day and wish they would just get a new gimmick but the match was well thought out with a nice finish to build on the tension between Miz and Mizdown. Oh, and Mizdown is just awesome, shades and all. 


Jack Swagger vs Rusev

Rusev kicks Swagger in the gut and tosses him to the floor. Jack Swagger fires back and is able to take the Russian off his feet with a clothesline. During the commercial break Rusev takes control delivers some vicious stomps and kicks to a falling Swagger. Swagger gets back into it but misses the Swagger Bomb but is able to lock in the Patriot Lock. Rusev claws his way to the ropes then rolls under the ropes and to the floor. Swagger follows but is knocked out by a big boot on his way back into the ring. Rusev cinches the Accolade. Submission win for Rusev.

The Axelmaniac calls out Rusev for Monday night in his best Hulk Hogan impersonation.

Winner – Rusev

three starsAnother solid match for Rusev. There was a lot of give and go. There’s some great chemistry between Rusev and Jack Swagger. I was very entertained. I’m not sure where this Axelmania Hulk Hogan thing is going but I guess I’m in for the ride.


Dolph Ziggler & Dean Ambrose vs Bad News Barrett & Luke Harper

With T Ruth on commentary the match starts with some chain wrestling between Harper and Ziggler. Harper’s power is too great early on. Barrett tags himself in while Dean Ambrose makes his way in and takes advantage. Dean delivers a bulldog then a clotheslines Barrett over the top rope. Dean and Dolph come back to back as the commercial break looms.

Upon the shows return the team of Barret and Harper are in full control, grinding Dean Ambrose down. The pair exchange tags until Ambrose is finally able to land a DDT from the second rope. Each side gets a tag but Ziggler is fired up. He takes control and nails Harper for a near finish with the DDT. In the following exchange Harper gets a Side Walk Slam for the near win. Chaos ensues as all four participants start to fight it out.

Harper tries to take advantage but Ziggler delivers a Super Kick followed by the Zigzag for the win. Barrett interrupts the celebration and lays out both men before eyeing R Truth and the IC title. Dean Ambrose jumps Barrett but before Truth can escape with the title Luke Harper blocks him. R Truth lays the title on the ground but as Harper reaches for it Truth kicks him right in the face.

Before R Truth can make it all the way up the ladder Daniel Bryan makes his way onto the stage. Truth just hands him the title and walks off. In the middle of the Yes change Stardust blindsides Daniel Bryan and steals the title.

Winner – Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler

three starsAnother good match for the show. Having R Truth on the headset is comedy gold. 




four starsI’m a little torn on what to rate the show. There’s a lot of filler between matches. A ton of highlights from RAW but this was one of their better showings. It had a great opening with some fun matches to watch. I was really surprised and with that it put me in a giving mood. Four stars it is!