WWE RAW Results (4/17/17): Braun Strowman Dominates, New Women’s #1 Contender

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RAW is riding a bit of a hot streak lately, as the Raw after WrestleMania and last week’s Superstar Shakeup gave us some new faces and segments, including my early pick for segment of the year. With Universal Champion Brock Lesnar on vacation chopping down trees with his bare hands, new RAW Superstar and IC Champion Dean Ambrose will be the premier Title holder on Monday nights. The Tag Team and Women’s division were also shook up thanks to the addition of The Hardy’s, The Revival, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James, and at the very least we’ll get some refreshing match-ups going forward.

This week’s show opener was all about Braun Strowman as they aired a recap video of his epic beat down of Roman Reigns last week followed by a quick promo from Braun about how proud he was to have injured Reigns. Kurt Angle came out to announce that per Reign’s request, Roman vs. Braun is now official for Payback, but as far as tonight goes, Braun has the night off. Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the last time we see him. How was the rest of the show? Let’s get to the full recap and results and find out!


Best Moment

The two newest women on the RAW roster squared off against two of the most impressive women already on the RAW roster as Mickie James, Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks & Nia Jax fought in a Fatal Four Way match to determine the #1 contender to Bayley’s RAW Women’s Title. These four got a ton of time, and the best part was that all four of them got to shine during different parts of the match. Nia and Sasha are more familiar to Raw audiences, so Mickie and Alexa got more of the spotlight, but all four women looked like they could have won the match at different points.

The ending was perfect as well, as Nia Jax took out both Mickie James and Sasha Banks. That pesky Alexa Bliss was waiting in the wings though, and she slid in the ring, drop kicked Nia and bought herself just enough time to pin the already laid out Sasha. James and Banks don’t suffer because they were taken out by the most dominant woman in the match, Jax doesn’t suffer because she single handedly took out 2/3 of the women at the end and Bliss looks like the ultimate opportunist for stealing the win. Out of everyone who moved brands last week, I think Alexa will benefit the most from the shake up, and it’s nice to see her make an immediate impact. Great stuff.

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