WWE RAW Results (9/11/17): Beasts, Burns, & Braun

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It’s been a while since I have done WWE RAW results, but it’s kind of like falling off a bicycle: painful enough that you need a strong adult beverage after it’s over.

Anyway, Roman Reigns and his normal chorus of crowd boos kicked us off tonight when he faced Jason Jordan. Poor Jordan. This whole “I’m Kurt Angle’s love child” deal started out promising, but it’s fallen flatter than a crepe. And, putting him in the ring with the likes of Finn Bálor, John Cena, and Roman Reigns all in the course of a month isn’t doing anything to help him.

It’s kind of like whatever John Cena does one week, Roman Reigns has to do the next week. Once again, this is doing nothing to help either man in this feud.

♫♫♫ Anything you can do, I can do better.
I can do anything better than you. ♫♫♫

This was a pretty damn good match. Jordan is better than good in the ring, and the match played into what happened last week between Cena and Jordan. Reigns called out Cena for not being able to take out a rookie in under 20 minutes, and it turned out that Roman couldn’t, either. About 21 minutes in, Roman finally got the win after nailing Jordan with a spear.

I was waiting for Cena to come out and trash talk Roman after the match was over like Reigns did to him last week, and sure enough, Super Cena made his way out to the ring to get face to face with Roman. We got the trash talk, and Roman said that he has had more great matches in 2 years than Cena has had in his whole career (I call bullshit on that one, and I don’t like Cena).

Once again, these two dragged each other hard, and Cena ended with one of the more controversial likes of this feud: “Consider me like a drug test. You ain’t getting past me.” Ouch.

Maybe I’m in the minority here, but these promo segments aren’t making either man look good. You have the current face of the company and the (guy Vince wants to be the) future face of the company just burying the hell out of each other. This has every chance of backfiring in a big way, and I can only hope it doesn’t.

So, what else did WWE RAW have on tap for us tonight??

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